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Better Cotton Initiative - Sublitex

Better Cotton Initiative

Better Cotton Initiative - Sublitex
Sublitex partecipa alla BCI™ Better Cotton Initiative

The company of the Miroglio Sublitex Group has introduced a revolutionary digital pigment printing technology with a very low environmental impact and does not require the use of water. With this innovation, the company is now able to combine the traditional production of sublimation printing on polyester - for which it has long been the market leader and reference point for Como players - with printing on any other type of fabric, such as viscose, cotton, linen or mixed fibers.

In addition, all cotton fabrics processed by Sublitex can now be certified BCI, the Better Cotton Initiative, the largest cotton sustainability program in the world. In just over a decade, the BCI has involved all stakeholders in the sector: farmers, ginners, spinners, suppliers, manufacturers, brand owners, retailers, civil society organizations, donors and governments, reaching more than 2,300 members in the world. The main intent of the BCI is to support agricultural communities from a social, environmental and economic point of view, providing a sustainable approach at 360 degrees, from the cultivation of cotton to the best management of the soil, up to a concrete saving of water and less use. of pesticides.