Sublitex loves GREEN

Sustainable and water free process

Eco-sustainability and new technologies.

Sublitex decorates over 60 million square meters of supports and surfaces around the world, all with a sustainable WATER FREE process,
with LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION and with reduced production waste.

For many years the company has been sensitive to the issue of eco-sustainability and constant investments bear witness to this
in research and new technologies.

Sublitex loves GREEN - Sublitex
A concrete commitment - Sublitex

A concrete commitment


Sublitex's sustainability mission is not to limit itself to the purchase of sustainable raw materials without hazardous substances, but to aim at reducing processing waste and recycling of finished product waste, with a view to full circular economy.

What we're doing

yesterday & today

Ecological inks

Sublitex uses certified dyes that are completely free of dangerous substances and don't contain allergens.

Recycling inks

All the inks in our rotogravure production process are completely and constantly reused.

Certified Paper

The paper used in the manufacturing process comes from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper mills, and can be recycled or reused in other sectors.

Waste-free digital printing

The "Just in time" execution ensures that ink consumption is limited to the request for the print, therefore there are no processing returns to be managed in recoveries and very low processing scraps.

Water-free process

Sublitex printing processes, with rotogravure and digital technology, are completely water free and energy saving, in fact the digital and rotogravure printing present in Sublitex doesn't use water in the transfer phase (only in a small part for heating). Water consumption went from 2010 (101 cubic meters per tons produced) to 2018 (15 cubic meters per tons produced), it means a reduction of 85% that has grown steadily over time.

Sustainable transfer printing process

Transferring the design from paper to fabric is also a completely clean / dry process. In fact, no air or water pollution is generated when printing with Sublitex thermal transfer paper. Furthermore, this process does not require preparation and finishing of the fabric which are water and energy consumers.

Smoke disposal

The printing vapors captured during the exhalation phase are conveyed to a Regenerative Thermal Oxide (OTR) plant allowing a very low environmental impact.

Reuse of printing cylinders

For the production of new designs the printing cylinders are constantly reused.
The cylinders are reworked within the plant according to the strict European environmental standards.

Recycled fabrics

Sublitex offers on the market a collection of fabrics printed with transfer technology in completely water free recycled polyester. Such fabrics and garments printed with Sublitex thermal transfer paper can be recycled and reused in the production of new garments.

Sublitex loves GREEN - Sublitex