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Sublitex was created in 1976 in Alba as an ambitious project by the Miroglio Group; to develop and exploit new transfer technologies. Today with a sales network in over 50 countries we are a global leader in Sublimation and Lamination Technologies which are applied to a wide range of materials. Sublitex invest in the very latest technology, constantly changing with market demands while always committed to both ethical and sustainable manufacturing processes in line with the stringent Miroglio Group company policy. Our products decorate more than 60 million square meters of substrates worldwide using purely sustainable WATER FREE and LOW ENERGY processes.
Company - Sublitex

The ability to transfer any design onto paper and film.

Sublitex combines creativity, innovation and technology to create top quality 100% Italian-made products to satisfy the needs all our customers. Today the company is able to put any design or pattern into a digital format that can be printed on a wide array of surfaces to enhance all matter of materials including textiles, leather, PVC, aluminium and steel sheet metal with creative designer solutions.


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The ability to transfer any design onto paper and film. - Sublitex