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Urban is the new collection of neutral fibers, polyester woven and knit fabrics, printed and finished entirely in Sublitex.
This collection come from our experience in the word of transfer paper combinate with a strong textile tradition, deriving from the Miroglio Group which we are part of.

Each fabric is completely customizable, both with collection designs and with coustomer designs.
It will also be possible to carry out the complite cycle on the fabric, from preparation to finishing, from the entrace visit to control raw fabrics, to the exit visit.

Sustainability is the heart of our mission, that is not limited to the purchase of sustainable raw material free of hazardous substances, but above all respects the health of its workers and the enviroment around us.

Sublimation printing

Polyester fabrics

This collection is the result of our expertise in the field of transfer paper (the paper used in the manufacturing process is sourced from FSC-certified suppliers). We have utilized certified dyes that are completely free of hazardous substances and do not contain allergens.

This collection offers a variety of fabric bases, including Jersey, Crepe Marocaine, Georgette, Voile and Twill.

Pigment printing

Natural and mixed fibers

We have developed a groundbreaking technology for pigment printing on cotton, viscose, and linen fabrics, which is water-free and environmentally sustainable, and does not require any post-treatment.

The finishing process is simply carried out using hot air, ensuring an efficient and eco-friendly production process from start to finish.


The ability to offer high product standards with minimal environmental impact.

Combining the logic of industrial production with respect for the environment. A choice attested by the numerous certifications received, which highlight a company philosophy focused on the quality of its products. A strong element of distinction in an increasingly globalized market, which underlines Sublitex's attention to issues related to sustainability that have emerged in the industrial comparison of the last decade.

Thanks to our partners:

projectM360 will also be able to develop the garment tailoring, in order to have a complete, fast and excellent supply chain.

TheColorSoup will be able to print on demand, starting from just one meter, personalized designs on a vast library of fabrics

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