Facon service

Excellence and creativity

Send us your fabric and we'll take care of the rest

It is more and more frequent by companies, the need to apply our designs or designs owned by the customer, on fabrics that are not part of our collection. This is why we decided to invest in machinery that would allow us to offer a complete service with zero impact on the environment.

Any customer who needs it can send us his fabric, which we remember must have at least 70% polyester, we take care of the rest.

In a very short time we will be able to supply the printed and finished fabric, ready to be packaged and become a garment to be put on the market.

The same thing can be done with the FOIL product, any customer who needs it can send us his fabric and we enrich it with the printing of our films with metallic effects. For this type of product we have no limits dictated by the composition of the materials, each fabric can be decorated and enhanced with Foils.

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