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Sublitex Mexico

Sublitex Mexico - Sublitex

The Alba company continues its commercial expansion plan
with the opening of a new office in Mexico

Sublitex, a company of the Miroglio Group leader in the production of paper and technical films for transfer printing on multiple substrates, from fabrics to metals, active for over 40 years with a sales network in 50 countries, strengthens its international presence with the opening in Città of Mexico with a new sales office and a logistics warehouse to support its customers.

The inauguration of Sublitex Mexico follows the recent opening of the company's US branch in Florida and constitutes the second important step in an ambitious international expansion plan which, in the three-year period 2022-2024, will see the company approach new markets through the creation of new commercial offices, with the aim of offering its customers, present and future, an increasingly efficient, fast and personalized service.

"The new headquarters in Mexico City" comments Giuseppe Lano, Sublitex CEO "will constitute a further strategic element for our expansion projects in America. We strongly believe in this market, which proves to be decidedly receptive, especially as regards the segment of sublimation films for furniture and construction. In this area we can provide cutting-edge solutions thanks to our Architectural division ".

The opening of the Mexican branch is accompanied by a renewed investment plan (over 4 million euros in the last 2 years) for the Alba plant, where the company's headquarters is located and where all production is carried out. The Alba structure has been strengthened thanks to the recent creation of a new and modern water-free fabric finishing department, with the aim of further implementing the sustainable impact of production processes. Water free processes, ink recovery, reuse of cylinders and reduction of energy consumption are part of Sublitex's commitment to making all its products with the utmost respect for the environment.

With its products and technology, Sublitex oversees most of the decoration segments through transfer printing and places its know-how at the service of the fashion, textile, sportswear, accessories, construction and furniture sectors. A differentiation strategy that has proved successful over the years, allowing the company to counter the economic effects of the recent pandemic and close 2021 with a turnover growth of 30%.