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Sublitex America

Sublitex America - Sublitex
The Alba company continues its commercial expansion plan
with the opening of a new office in the United States.

Alba, April 21, 2021 - Sublitex, a company of the Miroglio Group leader in the production of technical papers and films for transfer printing on multiple substrates, from fabrics to metals, active for over 40 years with a sales network in 50 countries, strengthens its international presence with the opening of a new commercial office in Miami, Florida, USA

Sublitex America Corporation is the first step in an ambitious international expansion plan which, in the three-year period 2021-2024, will see the company approach new markets through the creation of real commercial outposts, with the aim of offering its customers and future, an increasingly efficient, fast and personalized service.

The opening of the US office joins a renewed investment plan for the Alba production plant, enhanced through the recent creation of a new and modern water-free fabric finishing department, with the aim of further implementing the sustainable impact of production processes. Water free processes, ink recovery, reuse of cylinders and reduction of energy consumption are part of Sublitex's commitment to making all its products with the utmost respect for the environment.

"With the opening of the first commercial office in Florida - says Giuseppe Lano, Sublitex CEO - we hope to significantly expand our presence in America, a market in which we strongly believe. It is a country in which we see good opportunities for penetration, especially in the segment of sublimation films for furniture and construction, in which we can provide cutting-edge answers thanks to our Architectural division ".

With its products and technology, Sublitex oversees most of the segments of finishing through transfer printing and places its know-how at the service of the fashion, textile, sportswear, accessories, construction and furniture sectors. A differentiation strategy that has proved successful over the years and which has also allowed the company to contain the economic effects of the recent pandemic and close the 2020 budget with better results than the previous year.

Sublitex, a Miroglio Group company founded in 1976, is one of the most important companies in the world in the sublimation printing sector on transfer paper and technical films, with an annual production of 60 million square meters entirely made in the Alba plant.

Its attention to the needs of the market and the continuous propensity for innovation have allowed Sublitex to grow over the years to establish itself as a leader in the sector. A position of international prominence, enriched by the company's desire to promote a sustainable and responsible development model, starting with technological choices.

Sublitex produces for the textile / fashion, sportswear, accessories, furniture, construction sectors, offering its customers, alongside the traditional transfer paper for application on fabric, the Sublitouch products (the new "relief" effect film for the decoration of fixtures in aluminum), Decotrans (printed film for the ennobling of aluminum and synthetic materials), Texcover (for the decoration of architectural and furnishing materials) and Foils (films for coating with ennobling resins).

Among the latest Sublitex projects there is also Sublitex Urban, a collection of polyester fabrics printed through sublimation processes, dedicated to the world of Fashion and Active Wear. With this collection, the company moves from its classic business of technical films to embrace the printed fabric market further downstream.