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Sublitex “Graphic Days” 01-11 October 2020 - Sublitex

Sublitex “Graphic Days” 01-11 October 2020

Sublitex “Graphic Days” 01-11 October 2020 - Sublitex

This year the event is renewed by presenting Transitions, an edition with precise reflections with sector experts on the most current issues of the system we live in, which will be held at Toolbox Coworking from 1st to 11th October, anticipating the widespread edition on the territory planned for 2021.

This special edition will present some work tables dedicated to enhancing the dynamic aspect of visual design, in continuous redefinition also in relation to its contamination with other disciplines: art, craftsmanship, technological innovation, teaching, are all areas that influence and suffer from the influence of visual communication and interacting with it within a system, be it social, cultural, environmental or political. Graphic Days® Transitions will, in fact, host a series of meetings that will involve institutional bodies, recognized associations and an international panel of professionals and visual design studios to investigate through a systemic approach the new paradigms and possible scenarios relating to society and the environment and their transitions. To this will be added debates, workshops and performances dedicated to visual communication in all its forms with the collaboration of Sublitex which, thanks to the great experience in the field of sublimation printing on the most varied supports, has been able to make the colors of the event.