Beyond the product.

Services provided: why we are leaders.

From the creation of custom designs to a personalised post-sales technical assistance service, Sublitex stands out as a leading company in its field thanks to the services it dedicates to its customers.


Design, style and Italian creativity are the powerful values that distinguish Sublitex’s collections, developed by a hardworking team of designers with their fingers on the pulse of the latest trends in the worlds of fashion, architecture and home furnishings.



Sublitex focuses above all on satisfying the needs of its customers. This is why it provides them with a customised design creation service. Highly qualified designers assist customers to turn their creative ideas into reality.



Sublitex can reproduce any ink colour to perfection by means of an advanced and completely digitalised printing and colour management technology system that allows for the production of infinite identical solutions.



Sublitex has been archiving printing cylinders, the historic records of the designs, since 1976. It stores them in an automated warehouse that manages their picking and use, taking maximum advantage of a unique legacy in terms of creativity.


Sublitex assists its customers all around the world. Indeed, it provides a customised technical assistance service directly onsite to resolve any product application problems.