The ability to offer high-quality products.

Sublitex’s combination of the logic of industrial production with respect for the environment is borne out by the numerous certificates it has received, underlining a philosophy based on product quality. This highly distinctive trait in an increasingly globalised market emphasises Sublitex’s focus on the sustainability-related issues that have emerged in the business world over the last 10 years.


Sublitex product certification.

This is the reference standard for the certification of quality management systems. It enables businesses to highlight their ability to supply high-quality products. Focus on the customer and continuous improvement are the key requisites for receiving this certification.

The Oeko Tex label highlights the use of technologies, processes and products that minimise environmental impact through an annual audit that monitors compliance with the stringent ecological requisites defined by the International Institute for research in the field of ecological textiles.

This is the quality label for decorative finishes created using sublimation, powder on powder varnishing or rotary pad printing techniques. This certification guarantees that the end product is suitable for external use and that it complies with the quality requirements outlined in the Qualideco specifications.

This certifies the company’s membership of AITAL (the Italian Aluminium Surface Treatments Association) and the compliance of its production processes with the Association’s ecological parameters.

ISO 14001 certification forms part of a family of international Environmental Management System standards, and is based on the principles of a management system that involves the phases of planning, execution, checking and corrective action.
Thanks to this certification, the most important requisites are defined for identifying, controlling and monitoring aspects of organisations that have adopted environmental policies: like Miroglio, which has always focused very closely on all Sustainability-related issues.

OHSAS 18001 certification is awarded to companies that meet the requirements established for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.
The standard with which it is connected aims to ensure the systematic control, awareness and understanding of all inherent risks in the regular and extraordinary operations carried out in the workplace: recognition for those that focus on the health and safety management of their employees.