Transferring the idea to paper: the production process.

Creativity and design for a 100% Italian-made quality product.

From creativity to printing, from quality assurance to a technical assistance service personalised according to the needs of individual customers, Sublitex closely manages all stages of the production process. This integrated process yields a 100% Italian-made quality product.

Alba industrial site.

Inside Sublitex’s operational headquarters.

Covering a surface area of 20,000 m2, the Alba industrial site is Sublitex’s operational headquarters. The site has a production capacity of 35 million meters of paper, technological films and foils per year and has all of structures required to manage the production process: the rotogravure printing lines, the foil and paper transfer calenders and the resin coating and photoengraving departments, as well as the modern digital printing department.

The quality of the products comes first.

The Alba industrial site also includes the Sublitex R&D labs, which boast a latest generation analysis laboratory. The quality of finished products is monitored here, tests such as the QUV-A, QUV-B, SUN TEST, X-RITE and TABER TEST are carried out, and printing performance is assessed in advance by means of the digital sampling service. The focus on quality and innovation also takes the form of partnerships with the SSOG (the Testing Agency for the Oil and Fat Industry of Milan), the University of Turin and trade associations such as AITAL and CATAS.

Digital printing: looking to the future.

Minimal environmental impact, maximum customisation of the end product, and incredible printing speed are just some of the advantages that Sublitex gains from the integrated digital paper-printing platform. This completely unique machine is capable of printing up to 150 m2 of paper a minute without using any water or solvents. For sustainable digital printing and unlimited creativity.